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4 May 2021

Sexist remnants still clouding the waters of gender equality

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6 January 2021

Pandemic catapulted gender equality into the past

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26 January 2021

Data of smart applications reflects the state of health: how the potential of technologies can be used?

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14 September 2020

Communications trends: no better time to communicate than… now?

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10 August 2020

Have we really learnt the lessons of the coronacrisis, and are we ready to make use of its opportunities?

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15 July 2020

The lockdown has proven that annual performance reviews are losing meaning, and it is worth evaluating and reflecting more often

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10 July 2020

Sensitivity and a human touch remain essential when the finance sector communicates

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20 May 2020

Politicians’ promises in the midst of a lockdown – warmup for the elections?

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7 May 2020

Hiring and dismissal challenges during lockdown: what should be known by employers and what by staff?

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29 April 2020

Work from home will end – what then?

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