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Who are we?

Berta& - it’s a new look at communication. We are brave, open-minded and different, but most importantly, we look at communication from a human viewpoint. It enables to see more deeply.

We have over 13 years of experience, so we can sense the needs of the market and strive to respond to them effectively.

The core of our philosophy is human-centrism - human is the most important figure here. We respect and perceive each of our colleagues, partners, and clients.

Our vision is to remain equal partners for the best result. We offer the from a single source to meet your business needs, and you give your trust in us.

The core values that guide us without exception:

  • professionalism,
  • harmonious team spirit,
  • unquestionable morals & work ethic,

courage to move on our own way.

What do we do?

Communications management

We have experience in managing large-scale, integrated projects, thus we can coordinate and ensure that the actions of media planning, creativity, digital advertising and other communication partners’ actions are coherent and focused, making sure all resources are being allocated and used as efficiently as possible in all areas. It’s convenient for the customer - everything from a single source.

Public relations

We believe it’s more than just communication. It’s relationship that you build between your target groups, society, and partners through daily communication. From press releases, topic initiations, public opinion research to implementing partnerships and long-term initiatives.

Corporate communication

Corporate communication is usually described as dry and formal, but as we see it - it’s an opportunity to find new angles and forms of communication, highlight the added value that is being created and make it into a solid foundation of reputation. Image is not everything, reputation is.

Employer communication

By constantly monitoring and analysing social changes and labour market trends in different sectors, we are ready to help our clients become appealing and desirable employers. We believe they are, they just don’t always know well how to tell that to existing and potential employees.

Internal communication

We have experience working with both small companies and companies with several thousand employees, therefore we can offer a wide range of internal communication actions and measures: from internal publications and newsletters to the creation of traditions and cherishing team spirit. We believe that smooth and harmonious communication within the company is a great reflection of its success on the outside.

Marketing communication

Client knows what services or products they want to sell, and we know how to do it. The experience gained while working with local and international brands, creating and telling their stories allows us to discover and, if necessary, pave the most direct path to today’s consumer shopping basket.

Digital communication

We specialize and constantly strengthen our competencies by searching for new, even more effective, and most importantly - measurable digital communication and advertising solutions to adapt them to the needs of our clients.

International communication

Our wide network of reliable partners goes beyond Baltic State borders. That is why we can offer our customers the most eligible communication solutions, from brand introduction and positioning to communication plan development and implementation, taking into consideration specific market trends, cultural differences, and consumption patterns.

Communication crisis prevention and management

We strongly believe that awards should be given for the crises that have been avoided and not for the ones, which were properly managed.

Therefore, we offer clients professional assistance and efficiency in identifying possible communication crises, their scenarios and, if necessary - their management plan for both the short and the long term.

Creative design solutions

We agree with the idea that content is the king. However, its crown, as a visual solution, is what enhances the content. We are armed with creative ideas and know how to precisely wrap any message so that it draws attention and is remembered. The work of our creative team speaks for itself.


Communication with the media, the art of public speaking, stress management, conflict resolution and many other skills can be successfully acquired with the help of professionals. We offer our clients quality training, in which necessary competencies are strengthened by combining theory with practice.

Specialized legal services

It is not the same to find a good lawyer and the one who understands what attention-grabbing, bold and influential communication is. Our lawyers know this, so working together with our communication and marketing experts can help to perceive new angles of communication.


Our passion for growth

Trust in us


Geography of our operation

There are no barriers that can restrict our work, not even geographical! Over the years we have gathered valuable experience and have long-term partners in almost 10 different countries of the world - from Central and Eastern Europe to Scandinavia. That makes it easier for us to understand the country’s trends, cultural and consumption habits and use them to offer our clients the most effective communication solutions and tools.

We are constantly looking for new opportunities to expand our operations geographically in those markets that are relevant to our clients.


We are happy to join the most advanced business and science communities in Lithuania and the world!


Our team’s strengths are wide range of views, creativity, the ability to juggle information and enable technology.


Berta Čaikauskaitė- Berta&team

Berta Čaikauskaitė

CEO • Team Leader

Aurelija Astrauskė- Berta&team

Aurelija Astrauskė

Communication strategist


Dovilė Rusytė- Berta&team

Dovilė Rusytė

Account Director


Kristina Sušinskaitė- Berta&team

Kristina Sušinskaitė

Account Director


Tomas Kirša- Berta&team

Tomas Kirša

Marketing and digital communications strategist


Vaida Daknienė- Berta&team

Vaida Daknienė

Account Director



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